Welcome to my blog!

Hello! My name is Kyla Senchar, and I am a fifth year Education student at Vancouver Island University. This is my final year in the teaching program, before I become a certified teacher!

I created this blog as part of my inquiry assignment. I chose the topic of classroom management, as I am always looking for ways to better myself in this area. I thought this would be a really good topic to focus on this year especially, as I was placed in a grade 4/5 class for my practicum. I have no prior experience whatsoever in an intermediate grade, so I was really worried about being able to control the class while I am out on practicum. I’m hoping to find a variety of classroom management techniques to try out/implement on my practicum, as well as in my future career as an educator. I have already started a binder full of excellent classroom management techniques, but the majority of these resources are geared towards primary grades.

I will be posting my findings on this blog, which will include various strategies found online, as well as strategies given to me by my sponsor teacher, mentors, and other professional educators.

Thanks for following along on my inquiry journey!


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